7 Days Kidepo and Murchison Falls Adventure

Kidepo Valley National Park 7 Day Safari plus a visit Murchison Falls National Park
7 Day Uganda Wildlife Safari to the most remote park in Africa - Kidepo Valley National Park in Uganda's most remote Game Park plus Murchison Falls Park

There is no other park in Africa such as Kidepo Valley National Park - rugged, remote, and undiscovered, off the tourist path, home to some of the most fabulous wildlife in Uganda.  Add Murchison Falls National Park and you have the perfect Wildlife Safari.
Explore the Undiscovered Beauty of Kidepo Valley National Park in Uganda & Murchison Falls Park

A 7 Day Safari into the most uneven Area of Uganda - Kidepo Valley National Park-The most remote Park in Africa and Murchison Falls National Park

Day One:
 We pick you up at your accommodation in Kampala or at the airport for your African Adventure Safari to Kidepo Valley Park, the most remote part of Uganda.
Stop off at Jinja for a visit to the Source of Nile where you can see where the longest river  and the second largest lake in the world meet.  It is certainly a beautiful and scenic spot and the perfect place for a picture opportunity.
Then it is off back on the road to Mount Elgon National Park and check-in and Lunch at Lacam Lodge overlooking Sipi Falls.  Afternoon hike to some of the falls and back to the Lodge for dinner.  The Sipi Falls are simply breathtaking and provide some beautiful photo opportunities for you.  Dinner at the Lodge and a good night sleep in beds where you can see the falls as you awaken in the morning.

Day Two: 
Early morning breakfast at Lacam Lodge overlooking the falls and then we are off to Kidepo Valley and the Karamajong region of North Eastern Uganda.  This is a region where not people come to, much less drive to, simply too long of a drive, but those who come are simply astounded by what they discover even during the drive. 
You will drive through the Karamajong region.  The Karamajong are pastoralists who cling to their ancient ways, a culture where cattle is supreme, lots of interesting things to see and do while you are on your way.  Lunch along the journey.
Arrive in late afternoon and check in to Apoka Lodge...an amazing place in the remotest part of Uganda.  Have a refreshing drink, take in the stillness of the place with the distant sounds of wildlife around you.  Prepare for an incredible dinner and enjoy the African Night. 

Day Three: 
 Arise to a fabulous breakfast and a cup of coffee or tea while you peruse the landscape and wildlife around you in the remotest corner of Uganda and yet it is in class and style.  The perfect African dream vacation.
Early Morning Game Drive through the Narus Valley where you will sight herds of buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, zebras and hopefully some lions, leopard and the elusive cheetah.  Besides that there are the many birds you might find along the way.  This is a slow drive so that you do not miss anything, stopping wherever you desire to take pictures of the fabulous wildlife and birds, fauna and flora along the way. Most likely the only thing you will find is wildlife, birds and scenery and no people in this remote part of Uganda.
Return to Apoka Lodge for a delightful lunch, a dip into the pool and enjoy luxury comfort in remote Africa.

Lunch at Apoka Lodge and then it off for an afternoon with Karamajong people for a cultural tour as to how this proud tribe that has refused most influences for change.  Their love for cattle is comparable to the better known Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania. Their ways are unique to them and they are a proud warrior like people who believe that is their God given right to cattle, even cattle belonging to others.  You will see how they live, how they prepare food, dance, enjoy life and what their cattle means to them.
Return to Apoka Lodge for dinner and a quiet night in the wilderness, or should one say, a night where the only music are the sounds of the African night in Kidepo Park.

Day 4:   
Another breakfast at Apoka Lodge and off for another exciting game drive across savanna, hills, small forests, dry river beds and always the rings of mountains around you.  Animals and birds to observe, plants and trees that will amaze you as they exist in this semi-arid region of Uganda.
We are off to Karankorog Hot Springs with lots of wildlife along the way.  No game drive is the same even if you took the same route twice, there is always something new to seen and found.  The scenery, animals, birds will amaze you and it is best to keep the camera close at hand to get the best shots along the way.
Lunch at Apooka Lodge and once again it will delight your senses.
Late afternoon game drive through Kidepo Valley, its rugged beauty, wildlife and birds.  This is our last game drive at Kidepo Valley-enjoy.

Day 5: 
 An Early morning breakfast- and we are off for Murchison Falls National Park and a continuance of wildlife and fantastic Ugandan scenery such as Murchison Falls.  We drive into the back of Murchison Falls instead of the usual entrance as coming from Kampala.  Arrive at Paraa Lodge in time for lunch and check-in.  Your room overlooks the River Nile, there is a lovely swimming pool  and a great view.
Late afternoon game drive seeing Lions, Elephants, Giraffe, birds in abundance, warthogs, once in a while a leopard getting read for a night's hunt...simply fantastic.
Enjoy Dinner at Paraa Lodge overlooking the Nile below.  After dinner sit on your balcony and listen to the sounds of the African Wilderness.

Day 6:
Early morning game drive after or before breakfast and more wildlife in Uganda.  Simply a great place to be as predators return from a night's hunt. 
Lunch at Paraa Lodge and the afternoon boat ride up the Nile river...you will love it and it is always one of the highlights of a Murchison Falls Safari.  You might even catch the elusive Shoebill stork along the shore, there are plenty of hippos and crocodiles for you to see along with buffalos, herds of elephants and more.  You approach the falls and stop just below them, the sounds and the sights are awesome.
Dinner at Paraa Lodge and another night in the Wilderness.

Day 7:  
Early morning breakfast and time to begin our journey to Kampala.  But first it is a stop off at the top of Murchison Falls and a great view as the Nile River tumbles downward...simply awesome.
Then it is off for Budongo Forest for Chimpanzee Tracking...simply awesome to see our closest cousins up close.  Lunch at Budongo Forest.
Afterwards back to Kampala arriving in the late afternoon or early evening.